Defense of Enforced

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Defense of Enforced Collection
Any taxpayer faced with the imminent prospect of tax liens on property, levies on bank accounts or on wages, knows how ruinous a tax assessment can be.  Fortunately, there are weapons the taxpayer has in his arsenal--- provided he knows how to use them, including:
  • Offers in compromise - We often obtain offers in compromise accepted by the I.R.S. resulting in major reductions of tax liabilities.  We also represent taxpayers of the relatively new area of Offers in Compromise to the F.T.B.
  • Installment Agreements - Even if a taxpayer owes the tax, he does not necessarily have to pay it all at once.
  • Bankruptcy - Certain income taxes, including interest and penalties, may be dischargeable through Bankruptcy.  We analyze the possibility of discharging taxes by filing Bankruptcy and assisting Bankruptcy attorneys in discharging taxes.
  • Levies Released - Levies are unfortunately sometimes erroneously or arbitrarily made by the I.R.S.  We are often successful in requiring the I.R.S. to release levies on numerous grounds and therefore, permitting taxpayers to regain control of their assets and earnings.